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Commercial Projects – Gallery

Solar Light Whiz provides commercial-grade LED lighting & skylight alternatives. This page displays some of our commercial jobs, which you can investigate via the galleries below. If you’re interested in getting a quote for a commercial or residential installation, you can contact us here!

Sunset Boulevard – QLD

Altum Constructions’ Sunset Boulevard in Little Mountain, QLD had a number of Solar Light Whiz installations in hallways, and bathrooms. These provide ample light to the interiors of these modern family homes.

Check out Sunset Boulevard’s project page here!

Little Mountain, Queensland

Bathroom (SLW1-225N)

Bathroom Light – Side (SLW1-170N)

Bathroom Light (SLW1-170N)

Stairwell Lighting (SLW1-225N)

Hibiki Cafe – VIC

Solar Light Whiz helped brighten the Japanese-inspired Hibiki Cafe in Camberwell, Victoria—just a short walk down the road from Global Eco Solutions’ Showroom & Office!

The team at Hibiki were renovating an old storefront and needed a warm, inviting lighting solution. The roofing space wouldn’t support a traditional skylight, however easily supported ceiling lights.

Three SLW2-595-595N LED panels helped them provide bright, wide-reaching lighting to their customers without strong glare. These create an inviting atmosphere that supports the modern-contemporary decorative style.

If you’re coming down to Global Eco Solutions’ Showroom to check out Solar Light Whiz among our other products, treat yourself to a cup of coffee and see the skylight alternatives in action!

Check out Hibiki Cafe’s Facebook page here!

Hibiki Cafe, Victoria

Cafe Lighting (SLW2-595-595N)