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Solar-Powered Skylight Alternative Suppliers in Australia

Solar Light Whiz acknowledges its competitors of solar-powered skylight alternatives in the Australian market:Solar lights Indoor

If you are doing your research on skylight alternative suppliers, LEDS, daylighting and solar-powered imitation skylights you will come across the above brands, which all are players in the Australian market for LED solar lights. We welcome and encourage you to compare Solar Light Whiz specifications and options to other skylight alternatives such as:

  1. Bunnings,
  2. Velux,
  3. Illume Skylight Alternatives,
  4. and Solaro daylighting systems.

We believe that you will find that Solar Light Whiz LED lights due to its proprietary USPS technology and wide range of options including dimmers, night operation kits, splitter, highly efficient LED’s etc. offer:

  • Consistent light without flickering,
  • Higher lumen output than Illume skylight alternatives,
  • One single solar panel to multiple lights,
  • Much wider range than the Solaro daylighting range,
  • Better and easier installation of solar panels than Illume Skylight Alternatives and Solaro daylights,
  • More flexibility in the choice of solar panels for powering the LED solar lights than Illume Skylight Alternatives and Solaro Day,
  • Currently none of our competitors: Shaftless Illume Skylight Alternatives or Solaro Daylights, offer options that allow you to use your daylighting system at night but Solar Light Whiz skylight alternatives can be used all night long,
  • Want to be able to dim your lights? No problem for Solar Light Whiz skylight alternatives. However, to our knowledge, this option is not available for Solaro Day or Illume Skylight Alternatives.

Don’t just take our word for it—we are confident that you will find that Solar Light Whiz skylight alternatives are better value for money.

Illume Skylight Alternatives Prices & General Suppliers Prices

As you know—it is not all about solar-powered LED-style skylight alternative price, so we focus on supplying a great product with more features and better specifications than Solaro Skylights and Illume Skylight Alternatives. With our wide range of features and accessories, as well as the flexibility and options when closing your system—you can see that Solar Light Whiz is a great value alternative to Illume Skylight Alternatives, Velux, or Solaro Skylights.

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