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Beacon Lighting’s Range

LED Lighting has come a long way since the early 2000’s, with large presences such as Beacon Lighting offering sustainable options to keep your home inviting, and illuminated. However, options to brighten your home have multiplied over the years. Solar Light Whiz takes the best elements of LED lighting and ceiling-based skylights to bring you a renewable, free-to-use option to light your living spaces.

Conventional alternatives to the Solar Light Whiz can range from humble lighting fixtures to Beacon Lighting’s LED range. Beacon’s Flush Mount lighting range provides a number of LED lighting fixtures that can be fitted to your ceiling, providing bright light to last you several years. Solar Light Whiz, on the other hand, provides a solution to the issue of skylights—the natural way to shaft light from the outside into your home. Solar Light Whiz is a non-invasive way to bring naturally-dimming lighting into your home!

Interested in finding out more about our range? Discover the benefits of Solar Light Whiz!

LED Lighting in Your Home


In 2009, traditional incandescent lighting was phased out due to General Lighting Service lamps wasting enormous amounts of energy. With the shift towards energy-efficient lighting solutions, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) became increasingly popular due to their vastly superior lifespans. Where CFL lighting provides strong neutral white lighting in most cases, their often-bulky size can restrict installation in some scenarios.

LED Lighting provided a powerful, and energy-efficient solution to lighting. LED panels are generally compact, and produce a large lumen count for nearly a sixth of the old-style incandescent bulbs power consumption. While per bulb an LED can be pricier, they are also capable of lasting up to twenty years.

Solar LED Lighting in Your Home


Beacon Lighting’s range offers a great range of ceiling lights. Solar Light Whiz however is capable of operating completely on renewable energy, with room to grow from a single solar panel!

LED Lighting isn’t particularly invasive to install, which makes it an attractive option for those seeking to install new lighting. Though LED doesn’t necessarily use a large amount of energy versus conventional lighting options, there is still room to improve! Solar Light Whiz harnesses solar energy throughout the day in any weather condition in order to illuminate your home in the same way as you would if you installed a conventional skylight, but without the difficult and rather invasive installation process involving cutting a large hole in your roof and installing large diameter ducting to channel the light into your home! Given the lifespan of modern LED systems, the Solar Light Whiz system is more than capable of making a return on your power bills. As a ceiling light, the Solar Light Whiz is also capable of recreating the homely feeling of the sun’s light shining into your home.

Another feature worth mentioning is that multiple LED panels can run from the single solar panel—enough to have a solar ceiling LED light in every room of the home!

Skylights and You

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The installation of a roof skylight requires expensive effort to install a shaft to bring day light from the sun down through a roof cavity, to the room below. This allows you to bring in the natural light of daytime. However, many modern buildings may be unable to fit a skylight. E.g. apartments, multiple storied homes, or simply a roofing structure that does not allow for a light shaft to be installed in the desired location. The Solar Light Whiz simulates the light of the sun at all times of day and can be installed practically anywhere in your home. Solar Light Whiz also features the ability to operate as a normal LED light panel at night.

Not only does Solar Light Whiz offer far more flexibility in regards to where it can be installed—it also prevents the significant heat gains and losses associated with conventional skylights. Furthermore it also offers competitive pricing, when considering installing a skylight in your own home – especially if you are considering installing multiple skylights. Our Solar Light Whiz units are also affordably priced when comparing with Beacon Lighting’s LED lighting units. Send us an enquiry today to find out more about our range!