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Solar Lighting: Bright and Affordable

The Solar Whiz Lights are an ideal solution to illuminate any area of your home. Whether you’re interested in a solar LED lighting system to avoid ongoing electricity bills or to significantly brighten your room, the Solar Whiz Lights skylight alternative is the ideal solution.

Solar Whiz Lights vs Skylights Comparison

1) Solar (PV) Panel:

Solar Whiz Lights provide adjustable PV panel frames to allow you to tilt your PV panel to receive maximum sunlight exposure throughout the day.

2) Wiring Harness (3-Way Splitter example):

To bring solar power to your LED lights, we offer a range of leads and splitters of varying lengths to help reach the farthest edges of your home!

3) Solar lighting LED Panel:

Our lights come in 8 different shapes and sizes and offer variable lighting colour temperatures between ‘Warm White’, ‘Daylight’ and ‘Cool White’ colours.


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From Offices to Households
Solar Whiz Lights are hybrid lighting devices that are very versatile products and can be used in a variety of ways. Our dimmable skylight alternatives are being installed in hundreds of homes across Australia as a sustainable, energy-efficient lighting solution. Office buildings are also realising the potential of a system that can operate all day with $0 running costs. Solar Whiz Lights offer solar lighting that comes with a 4-year warranty and solar panels with a 10-year warranty.
Cover for Solar Whiz Lights
Solar Whiz Lights

Solar Whiz Lights

Solar Whiz Lights offers solar-powered skylight alternatives, or 'Solar LED Lights'. These come in a

1 week ago

Solar Whiz Lights
🌟 Illuminating Our Customer’s Restaurant with Solar Whiz Lights! 🌟We’re thrilled to share the installation of Solar Whiz Lights at our customer’s restaurant! 🌞✨ These innovative solar-powered LED lights are revolutionising the way businesses brighten up their spaces. Here’s why Solar Whiz Lights is a game-changer:- Eco-Friendly Brilliance: Solar Whiz Lights operates on clean, renewable energy. Say goodbye to conventional lighting systems and hello to sustainability! 🌿- Cost-Effective: With the capacity to operate multiple LED lights from a single solar panel, Solar Whiz Lights provides a cost-efficient alternative to traditional lighting.- Effortless Installation: Transforming the ambience was a breeze. No complex wiring.🛠️- Radiance Beyond Sunset: Even after the sun sets (with a night kit), Solar Whiz Lights continue to shine brightly, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for diners. 💡🌙Join us in embracing solar-powered brilliance! #solarlights #solarskylights #skylightsalternativeaustralia #solarledlights #ledsolarlights #SolarLighting #IndoorSolarlights #SolarIndoorLights #skylightsalternative #solarskylights #solarledlights #ledsolarlights #SolarLighting #indoorsolarlights #solarindoorlights #skylightsaustralia #SustainableLighting #solarlightshouse #greentech #bestskylightalternative #solarlightsinterior #interiorsolarlights #australia ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Solar Whiz Lights
Light up your home the eco-friendly way with Solar Whiz lights! Say goodbye to dim spaces and hello to radiant rooms, one sunbeam at a time. ☀️💡 Natural-Light Simulation: Solar Whiz Lights mimic natural sunlight, creating an inviting and spacious atmosphere. Say goodbye to gloomy mornings!- Energy-Efficient Illumination: By harnessing solar power, Solar Whiz Lights reduce your reliance on artificial lighting during the day. Lower electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint—win-win! 🌿- Easy Installation: No need for complex wiring or electrical work. Solar Whiz Lights can be installed quickly and hassle-free.- Low Maintenance: Solar Whiz Lights require minimal upkeep. No bulbs to replace or intricate maintenance routines—just consistent, reliable light.#solarwhizlights #solarlights #SolarSkyLights #skylightsalternativeaustralia #solarledlights #ledsolarlights #solarlighting #indoorsolarlights #solarindoorlights #skylightsalternative #SolarSkyLights #solarledlights #ledsolarlights #solarlighting #indoorsolarlights #solarindoorlights #skylightsaustralia #SustainableLighting #solarlightshouse #greentech #bestskylightalternative #solarlightsinterior #interiorsolarlights #australia ... See MoreSee Less
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Main Applications & Key Features

Solar Whiz Lights are a highly flexible solar-powered LED skylighting alternative. With options for rectangular, square, and circular lights we can service many home lighting needs.
Solar Lighting - Kitchen

Dimmable Solar LED Lights

Solar Whiz Lights offer a wide range of dimmable LED lights. In fact, the whole range of solar-powered LED skylight alternatives from Solar Whiz Lights are dimmable.

Solar Whiz Lights - simple diagram

Solar Lighting & Solar Lights

Installing the Solar Whiz Lights lighting system will provide your home with free solar lights during the day, and if you choose or day/night option, LED interior lights once the sun has gone down.

Solar Lighting - Kitchen

Competitive LED Lighting

We welcome and encourage you to compare Solar Whiz Lights Hybrid Solar Lighting Device specifications and options to our competitors or retail stockists.

12V LED Lights

Solar Whiz Lights offer a range of solar-powered low-voltage LED lights—these are often referred to as 12V LED lights—although the voltage varies with the solar radiation available.

Solar Lighting - Hallway

Benefits of Skylight Alternatives

Solar Whiz Lights skylight alternatives offer a wide range of solar-powered LED sizes, which can be positioned anywhere in your home, where normal skylights could not reach!

Mechanically vented light

Ventilated Skylight Alternatives

Mechanically ventilated skylights are nothing new—but have you heard about solar LED lighting that also allows you to ventilate your home & bathrooms?

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  •  Easy Installation & Setup
  •  Different Shapes
  •  Clean and Bright Light
  •  Dimmers Available Across all Lights
  • 4 Year Warranty on Solar Lights
  •  Installation Time From 1 Hour
  •  Available across Australia
  •  25–150 Watt PV Panels Available
  •  Night Packs Available
  •  Simple Installation Instructions
  •  Can Be Used in Any Room
  •  10 Year Warranty on Solar Panels

Our Other Products

Solar Whiz

The Smart Way to Stay Cool

Solar Whiz unit

“The fans are performing great! They really are the best thing we have done. The fans make such a big difference and this week will be another good test!

“The Solar Whiz vents have been making a massive difference. We are so happy with the purchase and I recommend it to anyone we have over.”

Tania Jorquera

Melbourne, VIC

Solar Air Module

Fresh Air & Solar Heating

“The SAM system meets our needs. When the sun is shining, huge amounts of warm, dry and importantly, fresh air is pumped into the house. The effect of this is the ambient temperature in the house reaches 20°C, keeping the home warm for long periods of time. As a result we have reduced our reliance on fossil fuel heating sources between 60% to 80%, depending on the weather conditions. From our perspective the air in the house is also ‘fresher’.
“[…] We are very pleased we installed a SAM system (and the ‘Solar Whiz’) and I would recommend it as a way to offset heating expenses and meet health and environmental needs.”
Michael Matuschka

Ulladulla, NSW

Interested in finding out the benefits and cost of LED lighting over CFL, or incandescent bulbs? Check out our LED lighting guide to find out why Solar Light Whiz LED lights are competitive.

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