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Frequently Asked Questions – Solar Skylight Alternatives

Q. What is a Smart USPS Hybrid Solar Lighting Device?

Q. Does the Solar Light Whiz work at night?
Q. My warranty has expired – can I purchase replacement parts?
Q. How difficult is it to install Solar lights from Solar Light Whiz?
Q. Where is the Solar Light Whiz manufactured?
Q. Where can I purchase Solar Lights and LED lights from the Solar Light Whiz product range?
Q. Can multiple light panels run from the same source?
Q. Can I cut or extend the cable?
Q. What’s the difference to a regular Skylight?
Q. Can you move the PV panel positioning for different roof positions?
Q. Will it become cheaper if I purchase in bulk?
Q. Can the Solar Light Whiz solar collector be attached anywhere on the roof?
Q. Can You Control the Amount of Light Produced?
Q. Will it still work if it’s raining?
Q. Can I switch off the Solar Light Whiz system?
Q. Does the Solar Light Whiz contain a battery backup system?
Q. Do I need an electrician to install the Solar Light Whiz?
Q. How do I attach the solar collector to the roof?
Q. In commercial use, if I require multiple Solar Light Whiz panels, can they be designed to function off a single solar collector?
Q. Can the Solar Light Whiz be recessed into the ceiling?
Q. Does the Solar Light Whiz transfer heat indoors?
Q. Does the Solar Light Whiz work in multi-storey homes and offices?
Q. Is this a sealed unit, and protect from dead insects entering the light?
Q. How do I obtain warranty service?

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