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Frequently Asked Questions

See some of the most common questions we get about Solar Whiz Lights

How do I obtain warranty service?

In the unlikely event of making a warranty claim, you will need to give us a call on 1300 609 996 and let us know the nature of the problem. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail with a photo attachment showing the problem. Replacement parts will be sent ASAP and can be sent anywhere in Australia. Remember, the Solar Whiz Lights have no moving parts and are covered by our 4-year warranty on the solar LED & a 10-year warranty on the solar panel.

Additionally, if you fill out the Warranty Form and send us pictures of your Solar Whiz Lights installation once it is completed, you will receive an additional 6 months to your warranty.

You can see our full warranty policy on our GES warranty page here.

My warranty has expired! Can I purchase replacement parts?


Global Eco & Environmental Solutions have Solar Whiz Lights parts that can be purchased if something happens outside the warranty covered. These parts are reasonably priced and can be delivered anywhere in Australia. Contact us via email or phone at 1300 609 996 for current prices.

Where are Solar Whiz Lights manufactured?

Solar Whiz Lights Solar LED lights are designed and developed in Australia by Global Eco & Environmental Solutions (GES Pty Ltd). SLW orders are put together on our premises with parts made here as well as parts manufactured in cooperation with our Chinese partners.

How are Solar Whiz Lights different to a roof skylight?
  1. Solar Whiz Lights are an LED home lighting system that runs exclusively on solar power (or mains electricity if optional night operations is installed),
  2. Roof skylights differ from solar LED lighting (also referred to as ‘Solar Skylights’, ‘Solar Skylight Alternatives’ or ‘Imitation Daylighting Systems’) in that they channel light from the outside in through tubes or cutaways through your roof, whereas our systems do not.
  3. Solar Whiz Lights LED lighting fixtures resemble traditional skylights in shape & size only, as they do not provide actual daylight as a tubular, or rectangular roof skylight would.

There is no large hole in your roof; there is no shaft, so roof timbers don’t get in the way; the ceiling unit is 10mm thick so no trusses or ceiling battens can interfere with the position you choose. The largest benefit to this is the versatility of the lighting fixture, as it can be placed on any floor of your home you choose without creating a direct channel to your roof space like a traditional skylight would!

Can you control the amount of light produced?


Solar Light Whiz offers a range of dimmers as optional add-ons! We offer:

  1. Single Channel Dimmers,
  2. Multi-Channel Dimmers.

Dimmers can be installed to allow you to control the brightness of the light. These enable you to subtly reduce the brightness of the Solar Light Whiz system during the day (when run on solar), and at night with a Night Operations kit (as it can now also run on mains power).

The SLW remote controlled dimmer can operate without being connected to a main power supply, and is an easy DIY installation.

Can I switch off the Solar Whiz Light system?


An isolation switch or a dimmer will need to be fitted to the system so you can turn the lights on and off whenever you want.

Are Solar Whiz Lights cheaper when purchased in bulk?


Contact our friendly sales team to organise a tailored quote for setting up a Solar Whiz Lights system in your new or pre-existing home, and we can arrange discounts based on the amount of Solar Whiz Light LED lighting units you purchase.

Do I need an electrician to install the Solar Whiz Lights?


YES –  If you are purchasing a night operations kit with your lights, and do not have an available powerpoint in your roof space.

NO – If you are not planning to run the lights at night.

NO – If you have a readily available powerpoint in your roofspace.

Can multiple lights run off a single solar panel?


Several Solar Whiz Lights ceiling LED light panels can be connected to one PV panel as long as you don’t exceed 108 watts of power.  Another solar panel will be required for more than 108 watts.

Generally, that equates to up to 10 of our smallest lights running off a single panel!

Our suggestion is that you position the solar panels together for a more tidy appearance

Do the Solar Whiz Lights transfer heat indoors?


Being an LED-driven lighting system, there is almost no radiant heat. You can stand under a Solar Whiz Lights ceiling unit on a 40°C degree day and you won’t feel any heat bearing down on you!

How difficult is it to install Solar LEDs from Solar Whiz Lights?

Installing a Solar Whiz Lights solar LED light is pretty straightforward for a competent handyman or a professional installer. It is therefore possible to do the installation yourself and we are happy to provide installation instructions and advice. Most Solar Whiz Lights LEDs are installed by our dealers/installers.

What is a Smart USPS Hybrid Solar Lighting Device?

Solar Whiz Lights have taken the already long-established, but little-known, solar-powered skylight alternative another step further with the introduction of their proprietary Uninterrupted Solar Powered Skylight Alternative. The USPS module stores and smooths the power from the solar panel to ensure an even and stable light from the LED panel.

Do the Solar Whiz Lights work at night?

It can!

Solar Whiz Lights do not operate at night on their own, however, we offer a day/night pack (also ‘night operations kit) which enables you to power the lights with mains power if you want to run the lights at night, or top them up during the day.

Where can I purchase Solar Whiz Lights solar LED products?

GES & Solar Whiz Lights have an extensive network of dealers throughout Australia. Please check our website for our dealer list or contact us to link you up with your nearest dealer and/or installer.

Can I cut or extend the cable?

Yes, it is possible to do this!

It is worth noting that Solar Whiz Lights offer a range of extension cables for wiring from the PV panel to the skylight alternative solar LED panels. Furthermore, Solar Whiz Lights offer split options if you wish to use one single PV panel for powering multiple solar lights.

Can you change the PV panel position & angle/tilt?


But it should face True North as close as possible.

Do Solar Whiz Lights still work if it rains?


Solar Whiz Lights still operate in rainy & other low-light conditions (such as overcast weather). It won’t be as bright, but it will still give a good light—dimming with the availability of sunlight, just like a traditional skylight would.

Do Solar Whiz Lights contain a battery backup system?


Battery technology is making slow progress but our system can be wired into your electrical system so it’s free light during the day and you pay for the light at night. In the long term it will be cheaper to be connected to the grid rather than having to change batteries.

How do I attach the solar panel to the roof?

Follow the instructions provided.

Can the solar panel be attached anywhere?


Provided it faces True North and gets as much sun as possible throughout the day.

Can the lights be recessed into the ceiling?


The 593mm × 593mm and the 293mm × 1193mm ceiling units can drop into most of the Suspended Ceiling Grid Systems.

Doe Solar Whiz Lights work in multi-storey homes and offices?


As long as you can run the wires from the Solar Panels to the lower floors.

Are Solar Whiz Lights LEDs sealed?

Solar Whiz Lights units are dust and insect-proof, but will not withstand excessive water leakage as a result of leaky roof spaces. Always ensure your roof space is watertight for home safety!

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