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Our Range of Solar Light Whiz LED Lights

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By including 8 different solar LED lights in its range, Solar Light Whiz is able to suit each installation towards the specific requirements in each room of your house.

Our Solar LED lights are skylight alternatives that offer variable lighting colour temperature between 3,000K – 6,000K, between ‘Warm White’, ‘Daylight’ and ‘Cool White’ colours. With our lights, you can choose how you want your lights to look and suit them to your own aesthetic preferences! Solar Light Whiz allows you to choose the colour temperature that you want. We offer:

  • Warm White – 3000K
  • Daylight – 4500K
  • Cool White – 6000K

With our lights, you can choose how you want your lights to look and suit them to your own aesthetic preferences!

Rectangular Range

A SLW4-600x300N light

Solar Light Whiz’s rectangular range of LED lights was designed with aesthetics in mind. The rectangular feature allows for the creation of beautiful feature lighting pieces to illuminate the home and impress visitors. They look excellent in recessed installations or can be simply installed straight onto the ceiling.


    1. SLW4 300x600N
      300mm × 600mm – 24 Watts – 3120 Lumens
    2. SLW4 300x1200N
      300mm × 1200mm – 30 Watts – 3900 Lumens


Square Range

A SLW4-600x600N light


Solar Light Whiz’s square range of LED lighting solutions is perfect in both commercial and residential situations. Their sizes allow for a wider range of installation flexibility, allowing for modern lighting solutions that appeal to the eye.

    1. SLW4 300x300N
      300mm × 300mm – 18 Watts – 2340 Lumens
    2. SLW4 600x600N
      600mm × 600mm – 30 Watts – 3900 Lumens
Circular Range
A SLW1-300 circular solar LED light

A SLW3-300N

Solar Light Whiz’s circular range of LED lights fulfils the need of many residential LED downlights. A good light fitting will give you excellent lighting for hallways, bathrooms and stairwells. Some of our customers have also used them for walk-in wardrobes and butler’s pantries.


    1. SLW3-120
      120mm – 6 Watts – 780 Lumens
    2. SLW3-170
      170mm – 10 Watts – 1300 Lumens
    3. SLW3-225
      225mm – 15 Watts – 1950 Lumens
    4. SLW3-300
      300mm – 18 Watts – 2340 Lumens


Check out our product list above to see the complete range of Solar Light Whiz Products, including our LED lights, panels and accessories.

Please note, we carry a range of silver LED lights that are marked down by 20% for clearance!

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