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Skylight Alternatives – Indoor Solar Lights for Institutions

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Skylight alternatives for institutions and businesses are ideal for saving on electricity costs. Our skylight alternatives (LED solar lights), in contrast to regular lights have no ongoing operation costs (during the daytime) and also may be used after sunset (read more about the benefits of skylight alternatives).

By using our solar LED panels, you may brighten rooms with Solar Whiz Lights simply and efficiently and without any cost during the day. These lights often come in elegant designs so as to suit your room, whether you need something powerful or small and compact.

Solar LED Panels for Factories

In a factory setting, Solar Whiz Lights LED panels can be a great skylight alternative and can replace most lighting needs of the workplace. Our solar skylights provide illumination throughout factories to give a clear, strong, yet pleasant light within the workspace.

Put simply, solar LED panels can replace most lighting fixtures and devices within the factory safely and without running cost during most days. When paired with our day/night backup option, you can realise bigger savings and contribute to the shift to renewable energy use, without compromising on the quality of the lighting. We realise that every factory requires light, whether it be day or night and the Solar Whiz Lights custom skylight alternative is a great LED panel light that can provide ongoing light in a variety of applications.

Solar Whiz Lights understands that there may be occasions when LED panel lights are not the ideal lighting solution—and for these occasions we offer a range of extra high-efficiency LED panel lights with even higher lumen output per watt than our solar LED panels.

Solar LED Lighting

Lighting Alternatives for Offices

If you’re a tenant or owner/occupier of an office building, you’ll be well aware of the electricity bill and the costs to cover the lighting bill. The Solar Whiz Lights’ skylight alternatives for offices is a great and efficient alternative to your standard office lighting as there’s no significant ongoing cost and is just as effective as regular skylights for illuminating your interior, but much cheaper to install.

The USPS Illume Skylight Alternatives fit straight into the ceiling panels of an office building which allows the Solar Whiz Lights to be installed quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for additional lighting in your office or to replace your current lighting solution completely, Solar Whiz Lights is the best option.

Solar Whiz Lights - simple diagram

LED Lights for Schools

Similar to offices and factories, schools also use a lot of energy to ensure appropriate lighting. Think about how often lights are left on during the day and the associated energy consumption. By installing Solar Whiz Lights throughout your school, you’ll be able to run the lights throughout the day without ongoing cost, and no skylight leak danger, while the sun does all the work. Lighting in schools and childcare institutions is an ideal application of the Solar Whiz Lights, as the Solar LED  panels can be installed quickly and without hassles to illuminate hallways, classrooms and meeting areas.

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Interested in finding out the benefits and cost of LED lighting over CFL, or incandescent bulbs? Check out our LED lighting guide to find out why Solar Light Whiz LED lights are competitive.

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