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Residential Projects and Home Lighting – Gallery

Solar Whiz Lights have serviced homes right across Australia, providing alternatives to traditional skylights in places like living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms!

This gallery displays some of our customers’ installations so you can see just how versatile our lights are. We have installed Solar Whiz Lights in almost any location you can think of!

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Kitchen Installations

Solar Whiz Lights are most commonly used in kitchen spaces to provide warm, covering illumination for preparation spaces. This allows for reduced eye strain while preparing food, or even turning your kitchen area into an inviting space to open a bottle of wine with some friends!

Our square & rectangular LED range has been used in recessed installations to provide an alternative to traditional skylights.

Check out the gallery for some inspiration towards illuminating your kitchen space!

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Living Room and Dining Room Installations

Solar Whiz Lights make for a perfect feature piece in rooms that you’ll be entertaining, or spending the most time in!

From humble circular lights bringing bright light into living spaces to larger rectangular skylight alternatives, installed either flush to the ceiling or recessed into the roof space, our range of lights guarantees the results you are after.

Traditional skylights can be bulky, expensive, and intrusive to install. Solar Whiz Lights use simple wiring through your roof space, whereas traditional skylights create large funnels to connect to your roof.

Check out our gallery for some inspiration & ideas for what a Solar Whiz Lights system could look & feel like in your home!

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Bathroom and Robe Installations

Solar Whiz Lights are also ideal for bathrooms! With adjustable dimmer switches, you can make the light as soft or bright as you require in the early morning or evening!

From humble circular lights to bring bright light into your living spaces, to larger rectangular skylight alternatives that can be installed flush to the ceiling, we’ve got something to brighten your bathroom.

Check out our gallery for some inspiration & ideas for what a Solar Whiz Lights system could look & feel like in your home! Contact us, and our trained staff will be able to help you find the lighting solution to help you.

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Hallway, Corridor and Intermediate Space Installations

Solar Whiz Lights LED fixtures make a great addition to hallways, allowing you to bring bright, unobtrusive lighting into spaces that are normally very difficult areas to install light tubes or traditional skylight fixtures into.

Some homeowners look at installing traditional skylights with the hopes of bringing sunlight into their homes, due to their attractive warm and natural light. However, most struggle to install one effectively, where the skylight complements the room and benefits the occupant’s living standards.

Solar Whiz Lights avoid this issue by simply adding an LED fixture to your ceiling, and wiring it up to a solar panel on your roof.

If you want inviting lighting in your hallways, let us know & we’ll help you sort out a tailored lighting solution.

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Home Office and Bedroom Installations

Solar Whiz Lights are make a brilliant addition to bedrooms and home office spaces. This is because their brightness and color can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the room.

We have lights that suit larger rooms or smaller rooms. Rooms that need to be brighter and lighter to promote concentration or rooms that need to have more of an ambience.

Have a look at these photos from previous installations we have done to see how Solar Whiz Lights can brighten and bring character to your rooms! 

Solar Whiz Lights product list

SWL Products list

Check out our product list above to see the complete range of Solar Whiz Lights Products, including our LED lights, panels and accessories.

Please note, we carry a range of silver LED lights that are marked down by 20% for clearance!

Interested in finding out the benefits and cost of LED lighting over CFL, or incandescent bulbs? Check out our LED lighting guide to find out why Solar Light Whiz LED lights are competitive.

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