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Solar Whiz Lights – Accessories

Explore our range of Solar Whiz Lights accessories to enhance your LED light system

Our range of LED skylight alternatives comes with an extensive selection of accessories that let you customise your system to suit your needs. At Solar Whiz Lights we do our best to tailor your LED solar lights installation to you and help you maximise the benefit of your investment in solar lights.

Want to run your skylight alternative at night?

Solar Whiz Lights offers a night operations kit as one of our accessories, which lets you run the lights on mains power at night. That means your Solar Whiz Lights system can double as LED interior lights and ceiling lighting. This is a great opportunity to save on lighting expenses because you don’t need to install anything in addition to Solar Whiz Lights!

The night pack works by plugging into a 240-volt powerpoint and transforming the power from 240 volt AC to 24 volt DC. The low voltage means that if you have an existing powerpoint available for use in your roof space you don’t need an electrician to install your solar-powered skylights for you, saving you on installation costs!

solar lights for kitchen

Want to be able to dim your LED solar lights?

Our solar skylight alternative can also come with an adjustable dimmer, which lets you dim, brighten and even switch the lights off completely. This option can be particularly handy when installed in media rooms or bedrooms or if you go away for an extended period of time.

Suit Solar Whiz Lights to Your Needs!

Solar Lights next to Solar Panel

Want to run multiple solar LED lights from one Solar Panel?

Solar Whiz Lights’ range accessories include splitters and extension leads, which allow you to connect all your solar LED lights to one panel—even if they are not close to each other.

Reducing the number of solar panels on the roof to one makes the installation of your solar LED lighting faster, easier and cheaper.

Solar Whiz Lights – Customise it how you like it!

With our solar-powered lights, you can be in complete control. You can decide to run the system on mains electricity at night, use mains power to boost the light during dark periods in the day or let the lights operate entirely on solar power; effectively behaving like a traditional skylight.

You are able to install on/off switches for rooms like bedrooms and media rooms that need to be dark or dimmed. Furthermore, you’re able to power up to 10 solar LEDs off of a single panel by using splitters and extension leads saving you time and money!

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