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Ceiling Lights For Your Home

Entrance hallway with SLW lightGood lighting is an absolute must for any home. Many homes across Australia employ conventional ceiling skylights as a means to bring natural daylight into the home. Skylights are used in conjunction with standard lights in order to keep the home lit throughout the day & night.

Ceiling lights come in many different shapes and sizes, including halogen lights, incandescent bulbs and bright CFL bulbs. However, lighting sources such as these can add quite a few extra dollars to your electricity bill. It’s crucial to choose the right ceiling light for your home, and we’d highly recommend checking out the above link for more information.

One CFL bulb can use up to $9 per quarter on your energy bill, so many families with these types of lights are careful to turn off unused lights when the rooms are unoccupied in order to save on energy costs. Assuming your home is occupied throughout the day and night, you can expect to see lighting adding double figures to your quarterly bills.

It should come as no surprise then, that LED lights are taking the Australian market by storm. LED lights offer up to a 4,900% increase in estimated lifespan, and up to a 761% increase in wattage-per-lumen efficiency. Solar Light Whiz uses LED lights but powers them purely on energy harnessed from the sun, meaning they have 0 running costs.

Solar Light Whiz takes the best aspects of LED lighting’s cheap running costs (and long lifespan), and shaves costs from your energy bills.

Renewable LED Lighting with Solar Light Whiz

Solar LED ceiling lights provide your home with the welcoming, natural light of a traditional skylight, but without the hassle and cost of a difficult installation. Where a traditional skylight will require significant structural space in your roof cavity, solar-powered skylight alternatives require very little—and are easy to install.

Traditional Skylight versus Solar Light Whiz
Difficult, and invasive to installPractical, and easy to install throughout your home
Expensive installation costsFree of charge to operate through the day
A potential risk for rain damageDurable, sleek design

Interested in reading more about the benefits of skylight alternatives over traditional skylights?

Solar Light Whiz provides an affordable and flexible solution to dark rooms and areas in homes that could not otherwise house a skylight. Or could, but don’t want to suffer the heavy expenses and risks associated with them. Solar Light Whiz is the perfect solution to illuminate your home!


Lighting your Home with Solar LEDs

Solar Light Whiz is a fantastic lighting solution for all the rooms in your house! Our customers have installed our ceiling lights in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and hallways, to name just a few.

Kitchen installations:Kitchen LEDs

A variety of customers have turned to Solar Light Whiz to brighten up their kitchen with strong, neutral & natural lighting. Installed in the kitchen, our lights serve as excellent led down lights for optimal task lighting. Given the flexibility of our products, a solar LED system is perfect for many different kitchens styles. Interested in discovering more about kitchen lighting with Solar Light Whiz?


Bathroom installations: Bathroom installation
Solar Light Whiz is also ideal for bathrooms! With adjustable dimmer switches, you can make the light as soft or bright as you require in the early morning or evening!

Much like in the kitchen, bathrooms generally require a high number of lumens to assist in cleanliness and providing an ideal environment to partake in the necessary daily grooming activities. Solar Light Whiz performs spectacularly as an led down light and task light for these tasks.


Living room & dining room installations:SLW2-595-1195 Recessed Installation

Solar Light Whiz makes perfect feature pieces for rooms that you’ll be entertaining in, or spending the most time in! Designed to closely mimic the colour and tone of natural sunlight, our lights provide the perfect ambient and general lighting for living and entertaining spaces.

Solar Light Whiz has a broad range of lights, from humble circular lights, to larger rectangular feature lights, that can be installed flush (flat) or recessed into the ceiling.


Check out our residential gallery to see some of the brilliant results our customers are enjoying throughout their homes!


A cutaway image that demonstrates how the Solar Light Whiz solar LED lights workMany of our customers end up adding one or two small solar-powered ceiling light to their main installation in hard-to-light areas like walk-in robes, hallways and corridors. These “add on” ceilings lights are extremely good value if you are considering ceiling lights in other areas.

Traditional skylights can be bulky, expensive, and intrusive to install. Solar Light Whiz simply uses wiring through your roof space, where traditional skylights create large funnels to connect to your roof.

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