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Hallway and Corridor Lighting with Solar Light Whiz

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“The Solar lights are excellent, still very pleased with them. Now that the days are getting longer, they are starting to provide “daylight” from as early as 6.30. Also on cloudy days they provide light, but it is of course less bright. What certainly adds to a realistic “daylight-feel” is that when it is windy and the moving leafs of a tree interfere with the the solar “reception”, this translates in a quickly varying intensity of the light output, just like what would happen whith a “real” skylight.

“I don’t really use the remote controlled dimmer but it’s a cool feature to impress visitors ; )

“I guess the best thing about them is that you actually forget that they are there, it really is a “set & forget” setup. It is only after I mention the lights, visitors realize it is “artificial” light, not daylight. All in all these lights are a simple way to brighten up a house with daylight without having to make extensive modifications.

“My overall experience with Solar Light Whiz has been very good: I can definitely recommend them!”

Teije Hylkema

Bullaburra, NSW

Hallway lighting and corridor lighting is frequently overlooked by homeowners, despite the importance of these spaces being properly illuminated. Entrances and stairways are also areas often forgotten about in terms of adequate lighting. Ironically, these areas can often be incredibly important spaces to have good and clear ceiling lights in – you don’t want to be walking into ornaments, or missing steps on your staircase because of poor lighting! LED solar lights are an attractive and efficient solution for your lighting requirements!

Hallways and corridors are often surrounded by other rooms and rarely get access to natural light from windows like other rooms do, so they need proper ceiling lights.

As they are long and skinny – a Solatube skylight or any other home lighting alternative from our direct competitors such as Solaro and Illume only offer a single light per PV panel. That means you would only be able to light part of the hallway or corridor. This provides you with poor, uneven lighting and means that you’ll have to install a second set of lights. This is neither cost-efficient nor energy-efficient.

Coming home from a long day at work, only to be met with a dark entry space is definitely not the best way to brighten your mood. Solar Light Whiz lights are designed to provide an imitation of natural daylight to brighten spaces and create a warm, welcoming feeling. The tone of our lights also helps smaller areas look and feel bigger than they are, something most hallways and corridors could benefit from. This feature can be particularly useful in a narrow hallway that would otherwise feel cramped and claustrophobic.

Good hallway and corridor lighting can often be difficult to find, as they don’t properly light up the space or their colour creates the wrong environment. For this reason, Solar Light Whiz is the ideal option for hallways and corridors. Our lights are an eye-catching addition to any room, hallway or corridor.

Solar Light Whiz allows you to choose the colour temperature that you want. We offer:

  • Warm White – 3000K
  • Daylight – 4500K
  • Cool White – 6000K

With our lights you can choose how you want your lights to look and suit them to your own aesthetic preferences!

“Thanks for getting the lights to us super fast. In regards to the actual system and the output of the LED panels – THEY ABSOLUTLEY ROCK. They have exceeded my expectations, especially in low light.

“I am trying to convince everyone who takes a look at our new renovations to look into installing some. Many thanks for all your help.”

James Gregory

Port Macquarie, NSW

One of the great benefits of Solar Light Whiz ceiling lighting is that you can have these installed basically wherever you need some natural lighting design in your home! The limitations of traditional Solatube skylights is that they require shafts to transmit light, making it impossible to light up the lower level of a two-storey home.

With Solar Light Whiz solar-powered LED lighting, this is a problem of the past. Our systems are simple and customisable. They include a solar panel mounted on your roof, with a cable that requires a penetration the size of a finger running down to your solar LED ceiling lighting. Simple!

With its simple design and flexible installation options, solar skylights are efficient and look great – in both modern and more traditional homes.

If you have had Solar Light Whiz ceiling lighting installed in your home, please leave us a review on Google, or send us an email! We’d love to hear your feedback!

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