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Solar LED Lighting: Durable & Energy Saving Lights

What is LED lighting?Led Spot Light

LED means light emitting diode. LED lighting is made of a very dependable semi-conductor. Semi-conductor is a solid material. It is not like electrical conductors or insulators but it does functions like them. LED lights are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. LED lighting systems do not contain toxic chemicals like mercury and other harmful toxins. They do not heat up easily, thus, there is a minimal risk of LED lights causing accidental fire.

Designed to be shock proof and heat resistant, LED lights are created using high quality materials. LED lights are more expensive compared to conventional lights. However, LED lights have long term benefits. LED lights last longer than traditional lights, such as Beacon lighting. The operational time is exceptional—normally rated at around 50,000 hours. These kind of lights are ideal for you if you are looking at brightening your home lighting in an efficient and energy saving manner.

LED Lighting with Solar LEDs

LED lights are made to generate large amounts of light but consuming only small amounts of energy to do so. LED spot lights are the best option for home use. Light emitting diodes can be combined in any form enabling you to have wider range of design options that will surely fit your lighting needs. It is also important to know that LEDs do not flicker like traditional lights.

As a part of the drive towards using alternative energy—LED solar lights are becoming increasingly popular. They are safe to use and will help you save even more money in the long run compared to normal LED lights. Using LEDs as uninterrupted skylight alternatives will give you long-term benefits. You can minimise your electrical consumption and enjoy the benefit of the solar energy that Mother Nature offers without charge.

Uninterrupted Solar Powered Lights

Solar Light Whiz USPS has unparalleled performance when it comes to providing solar powered lights. Solar Light Whiz offers a wide range of solar powered lights, including solar powered LED lighting. The fact that LED lights are already energy efficient strengthens the idea that these solar powered spot lights are ideal for providing day lighting both for residential and commercial applications—with relatively small solar panels, which helps reduce the initial investment.

Solar Light Whiz USPS solar home lighting are of the MR16 type. LED MR16 lights are very popular because of their compact and directional light. The light from a LED spot light is directed downwards directly from the light emitting source, whereas incandescent light (as in the old fashioned halogen spotlights) is  result of heat being generated, which goes in all directions. LED spotlights therefore allow for far better control of the beam.  The two main advantages of LED spotlights over Halogen spotlights are, however, the efficiency and the life expectancy of the Halogen Lights vs LED lights. Halogen Lights may last up to 3,000 hours, whereas LED lights will last approximately 50,000 hours—whilst only consuming about 1/7 of the energy to produce the same amount of light.

light with ceiling spacerClick on this link if you want to know more about MR 16 LED Spot Lights vs Halogen MR16 Spot Lights

Our solar ceiling lighting, are more flexible than any other types of lighting. They can brighten your house during daylight hours—without any cost—and at night can be switched over to act as normal energy efficient spot lights. Solar Light Whiz solar panels deliver energy from the sun from sunrise to sunset.

The solar panel converts solar irradiation into electrical energy which lights up the spotlights. The solar panels may be connected directly to the solar spot lights—or you may include a switch of a night pack—if you wish to turn them off during the day—or turn them on at night. Solar Light Whiz offers a powerful combination of solar power and LED light. Solar Light Whiz is a great alternative lighting design solution.

It is important to illuminate your home appropriately. Choosing lights for your home should be done with a long term view and approach. LED lights are proven to last for extremely long periods of time. LED spot lights are also safe and minimise accidental fire risks. Using alternative energy is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Therefore, the Solar Light Whiz combination of solar powered LED lights is very attractive and sets you up for long term savings. LED solar spot lights or our other solar powered LED lighting solutions offers great lighting choices for both domestic and work environments. Light up your home or work place using Solar Light Whiz USPS and forget your worries of paying expensive energy bills.

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