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Solar LED Lighting: Durable & Energy Saving Lights

What is LED lighting?Solar LED Lighting

LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED lighting is made of a very dependable semi-conductor, which is a solid material. It is not like electrical conductors or insulators but it does functions like them. LED lights are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

They offer up to a 4,900% increase in estimated lifespan, and up to a 761% increase in wattage-per-lumen efficiency. these bulbs are phasing out old lighting products and are broadly being adopted over compact fluorescent lamps (CFL lights). LED lighting systems do not contain toxic chemicals like mercury and other harmful toxins. They do not heat up easily, thus, there is a minimal risk of LED lights causing any accidental fires.

Designed to be shockproof and heat resistant, LED lights are created using high-quality materials. LED lights are more expensive compared to conventional lights. However, they have long term benefits that make them a worthwhile investment.

LED lights last longer than traditional lights, the likes of which can be purchased from Beacon lighting. The operational time is exceptional—normally rated at around 50,000 hours. These kind of lights are ideal for you if you are looking at brightening your home lighting in an efficient and energy-saving manner.

LED Lighting with Solar LEDs

2 lights over kitchen benchLED lights are made to generate large amounts of light while only consuming small amounts of energy to do so. LED spotlights are the best option for home use. Light-emitting diodes can be combined in any form enabling you to have a wider range of design options that will surely fit your lighting needs. It is also important to know that LEDs do not flicker like traditional lights.

As a part of the drive towards using alternative energy—LED solar lights are becoming increasingly popular. They are safe to use and will help you save even more money in the long run compared to normal LED lights. Using LEDs as skylight alternatives will give you long-term benefits. You can minimise your electrical consumption and enjoy the benefit of the solar energy that Mother Nature offers without charge.

Solar Whiz Lights – Solar-Powered Lights

Solar LED Lighting - HallwaySolar Whiz Lights has unparalleled performance when it comes to providing solar-powered lights. Regular LED lights are already incredibly efficient, but Solar Whiz Lights takes it a step further by using solar power to cut running costs completely during the day. Our lights are ideal for providing day-lighting solutions in both residential and commercial applications.

Installation of our solar-powered lights is also highly flexible and easy to do. DIY options are available, and help you to cut down on the price of the initial investment, as you don’t have to pay an installation fee. Similarly, the solar panels that power our lights are relatively small, which also assists in reducing investment costs.

Solar Whiz Lights solar LEDs are of the MR16 type. LED MR16 lights are very popular because of their compact and directional light. The light from an LED spotlight is directed downwards directly from the light-emitting source, whereas incandescent light (as in the old-fashioned halogen spotlights) results in the generation of heat that spreads out in all directions. Our solar-powered lights, therefore, allow for far better control in regard to the direction of the beam.

The two main advantages LEDs have over halogen lights are

  • Life expectancy: approximately 3,000 hours for halogens versus about 50,000 for LEDs. And,
  • Efficiency: LED lights consume about 1/7 of the energy a halogen bulb requires to produce the same amount of light.

Click on this link if you want to know more about MR 16 LED Spot Lights vs Halogen MR16 Spot Lights

How does our system work?

Solar Whiz Lights works excellently installed as solar-powered ceiling lighting, and are more flexible than any other types of lighting. They can brighten your house during daylight hours—without any cost—and at night can be switched over to act as normal energy-efficient LED lights. Solar Whiz Lights solar panels deliver energy from the sun from sunrise to sunset.

Solar panels are positioned north-facing on your roof (or as close to north as possible). Our panels come on adjustable frames to make this as easy as possible. The panels then collect and convert solar irradiation into electrical energy, which is then used to light up the LED fixtures inside your home.

Our panels can be directly connected to the lights, or the lights can be installed with a switch that allows them to operate on mains power. Including this switch in your installation (called the ‘night operations kit’) lets you operate your lights at night, just like a normal LED light system.

diagram of SLW system

1. Power from Solar Panel to LED Panel 2. Wiring Harness (3-Way Splitter exampled) 3. Solar lighting LED Panel 4. 240 Volt Transformer with Relay System for Night Operation Kit 5. Switch for Night Operation Kit connected to 240 Volt Transformer 6. Adjustable Frame for PV Panel 7. Weatherproof Connection through roof from PV Panel to Ceiling Space 8. Isolation Switch—Turns the Solar Lighting LED Panel 9. Each solar LED Panel uses a Driver to control the power to each unit 10. Remote Dimmer Module 11. Remote Control (Wireless)


Home lighting with Solar LED Lights is a simple concept that involves 4 main components to bring solar power to your home lighting:

1) PV Panel

Solar Whiz Lights provides adjustable PV panel frames to allow you to tilt your PV panel to receive maximum sunlight exposure throughout the day.

Panels range from 25W to 260W, giving you the flexibility to install multiple Solar LED Lights in your home from a single panel!

2) Splitters/Wiring Harnesses

To bring solar power to your LED lights, we offer a range of leads and splitters of varying lengths to help reach the farthest edges of your home!

3) LED Drivers

Our LED lights are connected via LED drivers that act as transformers for low-voltage bulbs. These allow your Solar LED Lights to function and perform at their best throughout the day and into the night when paired with Night Operation Kits!

4) Solar Lighting LED Panels

Our Solar Lighting LED Panels offer rectangular, square and circular lights. These come in a variety of sizes to cater to your personal home lighting needs.


Why should you choose Solar Whiz Lights?

Solar Whiz Lights offers a unique and powerful combination of solar power and LED lighting and is evidently a fantastic lighting design solution

It is important to illuminate your home appropriately. Choosing lights for your home should be done with a long term view and approach. LED lights have been proven to last for extremely long periods of time, are safe, energy- and cost-efficient as well as environmentally-friendly.

Therefore, the Solar Whiz Lights combination of solar-powered LED lights is a highly attractive alternative lighting solution and sets you up for long term savings. Our solar-powered LED lighting solutions offer great lighting choices for both domestic and work environments. Light up your home or workplace using Solar Whiz Lights and forget about expensive energy bills for good.


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