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Solar Interior Lights – A Sustainable Lighting Solution

Solar-powered lights for homes are an increasingly popular lighting solution across the Australian market. Solar LED lights offer an even more efficient and sustainable option than regular LEDs, so it’s not hard to see why the demand for these products is skyrocketing.

Solar Whiz Lights is also known by many different names and can be installed to address lighting issues in a wide variety of different installations. Our product focuses mostly on (but is not limited to) supplying LED solar lights for the following applications:

  • Skylight alternatives,
  • Skylight imitation lights
  • Indoor solar lights
  • LED lights,
  • Solar lights/solar LED lights,
  • LED interior lights,
  • Commercial LED lights,
  • Solar LED downlights,
  • Solar LED spotlights.


Our superior performance and options to accessories your system means that Solar Whiz Lights is the ideal interior solar light for homes. Installing our solar interior lights provides your home with free-to-run interior lighting during the day and regular dimmable LED after the sun has set. With the Solar Whiz Lights night pack, you can switch the solar-energy system to operate on mains power when required. Ensuring adequate lighting at all times, without the need for a second set of lights, which are unnecessary and costly.

Solar LED lights are ideal for creating a pleasant and comfortable light in all parts of your home during the day without any energy consumption at all.

Having your solar lighting system double up as your LED house lights makes perfect sense and will save you a significant amount on your electricity bill every year.

LED Lighting Systems in New Buildings


Commercial Solar Whiz Lights in Hibiki Cafe, Melbourne, Victoria

When you are building a new home or office, installing solar-powered LED lighting makes a world of economical sense. Integrating indoor solar LED lights with your existing electrical system maximises the benefits of solar lighting systems by allowing it to double as LED house lights. This can cut your energy costs related to lighting down to almost nothing once the building is in operation! Solar Whiz Lights really does pay for itself!

Interior rooms like corridors, hallways, and bathrooms are notoriously difficult to light effectively. Kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms on the bottom floor of a multi-storey home often suffer from the same issues.

Without Solar Whiz Lights, these rooms may be illuminated using regular LED solutions. These lights may serve their purpose, but they lack the natural daylighting feel that our lights provide. Solar Whiz Lights may not provide real, direct sunlight to lower-storey or internal rooms, but they have been carefully designed to mimic the colour and warmth of daylight. Our lights can even dim and brighten just like a conventional skylight would!

Multi-storey homes are where solar-powered lights such as solar skylight alternatives, LED solar lights, and LED lighting systems are most popular. Largely because these energy-saving lighting options enable the occupant to have good ceiling lights, without electricity consumption.


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