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Mechanically Vented Skylight Alternatives

Ventilate your bathroom or kitchen with stylish lights!

Why a Mechanically Ventilated Skylight Alternative?

Vented skylights are a popular option for rooms like bathrooms, laundries and kitchens as they provide both lighting and ventilation. Our skylight alternative can also be installed with a mechanical ventilator. This takes the best aspects of Solar Whiz Lights and Solar Whiz to provide you with powerful ventilation as well as beautiful light.

All our circular lights (excluding the SLW3-300) can be supplied mounted in a doughnut system to allow for mechanical ventilation. Essentially this couples the light with an extraction fan. This way you have all the advantages of a solar-powered skylight alternative, plus the benefits of an effective ventilator.

With our lighting system, you can have solar LED lights that actively ventilate!

Another huge advantage of integrating a Solar Whiz fan system with the skylight is that you only need one ceiling fitting! Smaller bathrooms, laundries and kitchens often don’t have much ceiling space, which is why our systems are ideal for these types of installations.

Furthermore, using standard ducting instead of a traditional skylight shaft makes the installation cheaper and more flexible than traditional mechanically vented skylights. The light is installed with a 150mm outlet to connect to an inline fan. Alternatively, if a larger light or ventilator is needed a 200mm outlet can be installed to allow for connection to the SW-AU-R-15 Solar Whiz solar roof vents.

There is also no grille to get covered in grime, only a narrow opening that is easily wiped clean.

Mechanically vented light

The purpose of a mechanically vented solar-powered skylight alternative is to supply both light and ventilation. A vented solar-powered skylight alternative is most commonly installed in bathrooms and ensuites, as might be expected. However, our systems are incredibly versatile can be useful in many other cases; wherever you need both light and ventilation!

Modern solar LED lighting systems that include mechanical ventilators are ideal for reducing the build-up of heat and moisture in your home or work environment. This is particularly the case in wet areas!

Vented Solar-Powered Skylight Alternatives

Ventilated lighting systems are normally difficult to keep clean. However, the design of the Solar Whiz Lights vented skylight alternative makes cleaning your vented skylights quick and easy.

Most vented skylights use grilles that are hard to clean and quickly accumulate grime. Instead, Solar Whiz Lights leaves a narrow opening that can be easily wiped clean. Yet another reason our lights are a great alternative to other roof skylights.


Give us a call today to discuss your needs and make sure our mechanically vented skylight alternatives are the right solution for your bathroom.

Mechanically vented light

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