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Solar Lighting – Great for a Variety of Environments

Solar lighting is used increasingly both in homes and commercial settings such as office environments, hospitals and schools. In these spaces solar lights can provide a comfortable work environment without unnecessary energy consumption.

Solar Light Whiz solar lighting is so good that we even use them ourselves.Led Panel Lights
Why not pop in and see how we are using solar powered lights in our showroom in Camberwell, Victoria?

We use them both as a solar light (spot lights) and skylight alternatives. Our display shows a wide range of Solar Light Whiz products in different shapes: round, rectangular and square to allow you to figure out what alternative lighting suits your particular needs the best.

Interested in Solar Light Whiz in Brisbane? We also have a showroom at Sunshine Skylights in Moorooka, Queensland where you can get a free quote & view our solar skylight alternatives.

Solar Lighting – What Happens at Night?

Our range of indoor solar lights are designed to allow you to use the lights even when there is insufficient solar radiation to power the lights fully during the day as well as after sunset. With the Solar Light Whiz night pack, you can switch the solar power lights to operate on main power to ensure adequate solar lighting at all times without the need for a second set of lights, which would be costly and unnecessary.

Solar Powered Lights – with Dimmers!

Solar Light Whiz not only allows you to operate your solar powered lights at night. With our dimmer you can chose the intensity of the lights, both at night—and during the day. This is very handy if you have a media room or a meeting room, where you need to show videos or PowerPoint presentations.

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