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5 Benefits of Solar LED Skylight Alternatives

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There are many benefits of having solar LED skylight alternatives. But what exactly are solar LED lights, or ‘skylight alternatives’ anyway? Let’s explain the difference between solar LED lights and ‘Traditional Skylights’.

Solar Whiz Lights – Solar LED Skylight Alternatives

Solar Whiz Lights offers market-leading lumen output. Being a solar LED light, the system comprises of an LED fixture, a solar panel, and the wiring that connects the two. This means little-to-no structural invasion, resulting in significantly cheaper installation cost, allowing you to install practically wherever you desire.

Want to see what Solar Whiz Lights looks like? Check out our installation gallery here!

Traditional Skylights – Tubular Skylights & Roof Skylights

Traditional skylights are the conventional design. These can range from roof windows and skylight shafts to reflective ducting. These skylights usually, if not always, involve a roof penetration that connects to your ceiling via a tunnel or shaft.

Traditional skylights allow exterior daylight into your home but may be responsible for around 25% – 35% of the heat inside your living spaces.

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The benefits of Solar LED Lighting

In this article, we’re going to break down some of the benefits solar LED lights have over traditional skylight fixtures.

Skylight fixtures offer indoor daylight, but they also bring prohibitive costs and installation requirements. These can make installing a skylight to an existing home difficult. Solar LED lighting, or ‘skylight alternatives’, offers you much, much more.

#1: Easy installation of Solar LED Lights

A benefit of solar LED skylight alternatives is their DIY-friendly installation. Solar Whiz Lights was designed with ease-of-installation in mind. Our entire system can be installed without the need of an electrician or contractor. You only require an electrician if you need to install a power socket for the optional night operations kit.

Solar Whiz Lights systems are usually comprised of three major components:

Solar Skylights have been replaced by Skylight Alternatives

1) Solar PV Panels
Our high-quality PV panels come with adjustable tilt frames. This allows you to situate the panel almost anywhere you would like, and still have it face true north for optimum sunlight exposure.

2) Wiring & Leads
The connection between the PV panel and the LED skylight alternative is comprised of a couple of leads, a splitter (for configurations with multiple lights), and an LED driver. That’s it!

3) Solar LED Light
Otherwise referred to as a Solar LED Skylight Alternative. Solar Whiz Lights offers a range of solar LED lights in different shapes and sizes. These can be installed either flush with your ceiling, recessed into the ceiling cavity, or surface mounted.

Additional components, such as night operation kits and dimmers, easily tie into the standard wiring without complications. You can even install multiple lights with a single solar PV panel!

Furthermore, you can install Solar Whiz Lights almost anywhere you want! Our solar LED lights are only 10mm deep, allowing you to install beneath joists, or on ground floors of multi-storey buildings. You could even install the light on your wall!

#2: Wide range of Solar LED light fixtures

Solar Whiz Lights offers 10 distinct solar LED light fixtures in a range of rectangular, square, and circular sizes.

Rectangular Range

Solar Whiz Lights‘ rectangular range of LED lights was designed with aesthetics in mind. The rectangular feature allows for the creation of beautiful feature lighting pieces to illuminate the home and impress visitors. They look excellent in recessed installations or can be simply installed straight onto the ceiling.


SWL4 300x600N
300mm × 600mm – 24 Watts – 3120 Lumens

SWL4 300x1200N
300mm × 1200mm – 30 Watts – 3900 Lumens

SLW4-600x300N (2) - no background

Square Range

Solar Whiz Lights’ square range of LED lighting solutions is perfect in both commercial and residential situations. Their sizes allow for a wider range of installation flexibility, allowing for modern lighting solutions that appeal to the eye.


SWL4 300x300N
300mm × 300mm – 18 Watts – 2340 Lumens


SWL4 600x600N
600mm × 600mm – 30 Watts – 3900 Lumens

SLW4-600x600N (3) - no background

Circular Range

Solar Whiz Lights’ circular range of LED lights fulfils the need of many residential LED downlights. A good light fitting will give you excellent lighting for hallways, bathrooms and stairwells. Some of our customers have also used them for walk-in wardrobes and butler’s pantries.


120mm – 6 Watts – 780 Lumens


170mm – 10 Watts – 1300 Lumens


225mm – 15 Watts – 1950 Lumens


300mm – 18 Watts – 2340 Lumens

SLW3-225 (5) - no background

#3: Modular LED systems

So long as your solar LED lights don’t exceed the recommended wattage of your solar PV panel, you can install as many as you’d like. The system is scalable and can be upgraded if you wish to extend your solar LED lighting.

Our range of accessories opens your solar LED skylight alternative to more than just daytime lighting. The accessories we offer expand the potential of your solar LED lighting configuration.

1) Night Operation Kit
Also known as a Constant Current Module, a Night Operation Kit gives you lighting at all times of the day and night. If you want LED lighting in poor weather conditions or night-time, this accessory allows for mains power top-up.

2) Single-Channel OR Multi-Channel Dimmer
Want to alter the level of lighting? Solar Whiz Lights allows you to control the brightness of your solar LED light. Whether you want dim lighting in your bathroom in the morning, or bright light in your office during working hours, Solar Whiz Lights has you covered.

3) Ventilated Skylight Alternative
Most of our circular lights can be paired with a ducted vent, allowing air extraction as well as lighting. This is perfect for warm, humid spaces such as bathrooms or laundries. The Ventilated Skylight Alternative provides bright lighting, humidity extraction and ventilation all in one.

SLW2 295 1195N_Living room-After_Gerald Stapley install

#4: Naturally dims with available daylight

Traditional skylights provide the natural sunlight available, which means it becomes brighter as the sun rises and fades out at sunset. Solar Whiz Lights similarly dims and brightens depending on the amount of sunlight that reaches the PV panel. It will slowly brighten in the morning, and fade as the evening draws in.

Some traditional skylights won’t be able to reflect daylight late into the afternoon, as the reflective material is of poor quality, or the angle of the roof window isn’t optimum. Our adjustable solar PV panel gives you the ultimate flexibility of being able to position it for optimal lighting at all times of day, getting the most out of your system during daylight hours.

This dimming can also be avoided by installing a night operation kit, should you want full-powered lighting throughout the day and night.

#5: Night-time lighting with Mains

As discussed, our solar LED skylight alternatives can be powered all night long, or as late into the night and as early in the morning as you need!

A Night Operation Kit is perfect during winter when daylight is only available for 9 to 10 hours of the day. Traditional skylights cannot give you the same amount of daylight during the winter months. While solar LED lighting does not offer true daylight, the LED light will continue to run throughout the night and early morning as required when a Night Operation Kit is installed.

This is also ideal for feature lighting or entertaining. It allows you to create a warm and inviting space, much like a traditional skylight, except it continues to work in the evening.


SLW3-225 - Bathroom - Peninsula install #2

Interested in the benefits of Solar LED Skylight Alternatives?

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Interested in finding out the benefits and cost of LED lighting over CFL, or incandescent bulbs? Check out our LED lighting guide to find out why Solar Light Whiz LED lights are competitive.

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