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Skylight Blinds: Not a Solution, only a Band-Aid

Choose a long term solution like Solar Whiz Lights!

How Does Heat Get Into Your Home?

This all depends on the style of roof skylight you’ve installed. It is worth noting that somewhere between 25 and 35% of heat transfer comes from your ceiling, as well as windows. With a skylight, you can be sure that this heat won’t struggle to reach the inside rooms of your home, regardless if you use a skylight cover or not.

The heat will simply radiate through due to the fact that most skylights are simply windows in your roof and/or ceiling. It doesn’t matter what kind of skylight you choose—roof window, tubular skylight, shafted skylight; these all radiate heat! Some are better at blocking heat transfer than others, but at mid-day when the sun is positioned directly over your home, you will most likely feel the heat.

With all these flaws in conventional skylights, a solution in the form of Solar Whiz Lights was brought about. A lighting alternative that runs free of charge during the day, and emits little to no heat. It is also able to be dimmed when needed and can be installed with an ability to run at night time like a normal light.

Solar Whiz Lights provides a sustainable simulated skylight for your lighting needs.

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How Can I Avoid Heat Radiation?


Solar Whiz Lights provides an alternative to traditional skylights. It’s non-invasive, can be installed in almost any situation or circumstance, and has plenty of room to grow! On top of this, the heat transfer is almost completely negligible!

LED lighting systems produce little to no heat—so you can be sure that you’re getting all the benefits of a skylight without the heat! Most conventional skylights or tubular lights will require some kind of blinding or covers to negate heat radiation. Solar Whiz Lights can be turned on, or off—or can even be dimmed to suit your needs.

At night time (with the help of our night operations kit), Solar Whiz Lights can be turned on to act as a lighting source. The lighting fixtures support an array of LED lights, which emit negligible heat. Quite simply; it’s like a regular skylight, but without the heat beating down into your home.

Solar Lights next to Solar Panel

Solar Whiz Lights product list

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Solar Whiz Lights — A Safe, Energy-Efficient Alternative

The Solar Whiz Lights can be paired with an adjustable dimmer. This gives you the flexibility to control your skylight however you would like it at any time of day. You can even give it a night operations kit to ensure that you still have warm lighting in the evening & night! This way you’re guaranteeing lighting that won’t throttle your power bill—which accounts for up to 15% of your energy bill.

Solar Whiz Lights is ideal for installing in any kind of home or space. It’s not structurally invasive or bulky; meaning that it won’t be an issue to mount. The solar PV panel that is mounted on your roof can be adjusted on rails to face True North, guaranteeing sunlight year-round. The lights can be mounted into your ceiling, requiring only wiring to connect them to the PV panel. This way you won’t risk water damage as you might get with a skylight!

Solar Whiz Lights is the ideal solution if you’re searching for skylight blinds. Don’t invest in a temporary fix; get something that works!

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