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"My Skylight Is Leaking Everywhere!"

Roof Skylights can be a leaky disaster waiting to happen.

The Danger of a Skylight Leak

The worst thing about getting a traditional skylight is probably the threat of it leaking or getting damaged. Australia’s weather ranges from calm sunny days to hailstorms, or even cyclones in the tropics.

Most homes are built to withstand the worst that Australia’s temperamental climate can throw at it. Yet roof skylights aren’t always built with hail or severe weather in mind. In a severe hailstorm, hail the size of golf balls can cause serious damage to your property.

The risk of having a skylight leaking into your home is compounded if the skylight is damaged. On the right is an image taken after a tropical storm in Queensland—just take a look!

Investing in a skylight is an attractive way to bring natural sunlight into your home, but it also poses a significant structural risk. If you live in tropical regions, this risk is increased given the infrequent cyclones that batter our coastline. A leaking skylight simply isn’t an effective skylight!

Why is a Leaking Skylight dangerous?

When your skylight is leaking, water can easily get into your roof cavity. Moisture in your roof space can lead to structural damage or rot. These issues might not be immediately apparent, however, if left unchecked, your skylight shaft could collapse or your ceiling may warp. The first signs of a slow leak are normally discolouration of the ceiling or moisture inside the roof after recent rain!

The cost of buying and installing a skylight is already extremely high and doesn’t safeguard you from leaks. The damage caused by a leaking skylight can cost upwards of $2,000 in repairs alone.

This is not to say a traditional skylight isn’t effective—a skylight can bring natural, warm daylight into the home. However, it is a risk that a homeowner should be prepared for when installing a skylight.

skylights leaking
damaged skylight

Want to Avoid a Leak In Your Home?

Once your skylight dome or window is damaged, water will easily leak through the channel into your home—or worse; into the rafters. Once moisture begins to gather in your rafters, the skylight poses a structural hazard. Even temperamental weather such as gale winds can warp or twist a tubular skylight out of place. These potential risks bring us to one important question: Is a roof skylight the really the right solution for your home lighting needs?

The Solar Whiz Lights offers a weather-resistant solution to the problem of longevity and the risk of leaking skylights. By installing a sturdy mounting bracket to your roof (regardless of the material, our system suits all shapes & styles of roofing), we can set up a solar PV panel which powers LED lights throughout your home.

These lights come in a wide range of different styles and shapes; circular, rectangular, and square sizes to cater to your lighting needs. Most of all, the Solar Whiz Lights system isn’t invasive for your home and poses no threat to your rafters or roof space!

Is an LED Light a Good Replacement for a Skylight?

If rain is causing your skylight to leak, you may need to invest in repairs to the fixture itself to prevent further leakage. However, a more reliable solution would be to replace your leaking skylight with one of our solar-powered LED lights. This fixture would act as a skylight alternative and minimise the risk of leaks.

What you choose really depends what you’re looking to get out of your light. A traditional roof skylight offers:

  1. Natural daylight
  2. UV light
  3. A spectacular feature piece for the home

However, they are also associated with:

  1. Expensive installations—especially for existing homes
  2. Sun bleaching
  3. Serious heat gain in summer
  4. Significant heat loss during winter
  5. Leakage, if improperly installed or exposed to severe weather


Solar Whiz Lights provides a solar-powered skylight alternative for your indoor lighting needs. These solar LEDs will provide light throughout the day, and can even operate at night if installed with a night operation kit.

The LED doesn’t require a lighting tube or tunnel through your roof space in order to work—the lights are simply wired to a solar panel, which is mounted to your roof. The benefits of our LED lighting systems are:

  1. Dimming lights (solar-powered: automatically brightens as the sun rises and dims as the sun sets)
  2. Colour temperature akin to sunlight
  3. Various sizes and shapes to suit your home
  4. Minimal heat radiating from the lights (as LEDs produce very little heat),
  5. No running costs when powered by the solar panel

The only holes needed in your roof for a Solar Whiz Lights system is a 5mm penetration for metal roofing. However, if you have a tiled roof, you might not need to drill any new holes at all.

If you’re dealing with a leaking skylight or a hail-damaged skylight—or if you’d like to avoid that hassle altogether—consider a skylight alternative lighting solution instead. Don’t suffer under continuous repair costs.

Solar Whiz Lights product list

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The Solar LED Skylight Alternative: A Modern Solution To Skylight Leaking

Our system is very flexible, allowing for additions to be made to the system. If you’re interested in adding more Solar Whiz Lights LED lights to your home, our PV panels can support up to ten lights from a single solar panel, depending on the configuration! If you’re interested in reading more about the other benefits of a skylight alternative, click here!

Solar Whiz Lights is a safe and simple, no-fuss, no-drama solution to providing lighting for your home. The final result appears similar to a conventional skylight window, but without the risk of a leaking skylight down the track.

Solar Whiz Lights dims and brightens with the availability of light, emulating the action of skylights and is also energy-efficient. Our lights can operate completely on solar power, and provide enough illumination to function as a lighting source throughout the day, but they can also be paired with a night operations kit so that they operate as a light source at night!


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