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Are you considering using an LED lighting system to brighten your home? Light Emitting Diodes (simply referred to as LEDs) are becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and residential properties. Their cheap running costs and incredible lifespan have secured LED ceiling lights as a cornerstone in home lighting solutions. In contrast to CFL lighting, LED lighting systems have become a major competitor in the replacement of outdated incandescent lighting systems.


Solar Light Whiz innovates on the concept of home lighting, by bringing LED lights together with solar panels to create an alternative to conventional skylights.

Traditional skylights are incredibly invasive to install in your home, requiring holes or tunnels through the ceiling space. Solar Light Whiz offers a safe and sustainable alternative, plus the ability to install large-scale lighting fixtures in most living situations. Apartments, ground-level rooms in a two-story home and even wall fixtures are non-issues. Solar Light Whiz brings the feeling of natural light from the sun to you; anywhere inside your home.

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A Better Alternative for Ceiling Lights

Most homeowners these days are turning away from incandescent ceiling lights and instead installing LED lighting. The motivation behind doing so is largely to cut back on electricity costs. The average LED bulb uses a fifth of the total energy cost of one standard incandescent bulb.

However, regardless of efficiency, the more bulbs you have in your home, the more energy will be consumed. And the more energy that is consumed, the higher the energy bill.


Solar Light Whiz brings solar power to lighting, cutting electricity costs even further. A single solar panel can power up to ten of our lights! We pride ourselves on providing our customers with clean, free-to-run lighting solutions that triumphs over other conventional lighting systems. With night operations available, you can keep your home lit with natural imitation skylights at any time, under all weather conditions.

LED Lighting Systems and Conventional Lighting


The LED is a powerful and cost-effective lighting solution. An LED light might be a little more expensive to purchase, but it offers up to five times less power consumption compared to other conventional lights.

On top of that, they are largely safer than other lighting sources, as they produce very little heat. On average, a CFL bulb releases near 80% of their energy as heat. The expensive, energy-wasting incandescent bulbs release 90%!

CFL lights only produce ambient lighting, which is helpful for illuminating a room, but not for lighting a specific area. For this reason, Solar Light Whiz solar LEDs perform exceptionally in kitchens and bathrooms. Solar Light Whiz provides rooms with the homely feeling of a roof-based skylight, but with the added benefit of allowing you to dim and brighten it like a regular lighting fixture.

Solar Light Whiz is the ideal investment for any lighting solution. Versatile, renewable, and better for the environment, our led lights will work wonders wherever you plan to put them!

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