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Solar-Powered Skylight Alternative Suppliers in Australia

Solar Whiz Lights acknowledges its competitors of solar-powered skylight alternatives in the Australian market

The Australian skylight market provides many options for alternative daylighting, solar-powered imitation skylights, or any kind of alternative skylights. If you’re doing research on skylight suppliers, the below brands will undoubtedly make an appearance in your search. We welcome and encourage you to compare the specifications and options we offer with Solar Whiz Lights compared to our competitors.

  • Illume
  • Solaro Daylights
  • Bunnings
  • Velux

What do Solar Whiz Lights offer that other skylight alternative suppliers don’t?

We firmly believe that any research you do will find Solar Whiz Lights a far superior product to our Australian competition. Our range offers:

    • Consistent light without flickering,
    • Energy-efficient operation. The base product can operate perfectly with zero energy consumption.
    • Higher lumen output compared to Illume,
    • A single solar panel can power multiple lights,
    • A much wider range compared to the Solaro daylighting range,
    • Better and easier installation of solar panels compared to Illume Skylight Alternatives and Solaro Daylights,
    • More flexibility in the choice of solar panels for powering LED solar lights than Illume Skylight Alternatives and Solaro Daylights,
    • Night operation options. Our lights can be switched to mains power at night, or during the day when there’s not enough sunlight. Currently, Illume and Solaro don’t offer options that allow you to use your daylighting system at night.
    • Dimmable lighting options on all our lights. Illume only offers dimmable options for their lights sized up to 600x900mm. To our knowledge, Solaro doesn’t offer dimmable options at all.
595 x 1195 - Dior Constructions 4

We encourage you to draw your own conclusions, don’t just take our word for it. We are confident that your own research will find Solar Whiz Lights skylight alternatives better value for money.

Prices & General Suppliers Prices

SLW-600-600N - Hibiki Cafe (2)

As you know—it’s not just about the price of a solar-powered LED-style skylight alternative. At Solar Whiz Lights, we are determined to supply a high-quality, energy-efficient product with extensive features and better specifications compared to our skylight supplier competitors. We have a wide range of features and accessories, as well as flexible installation options. These are just a few of the reasons Solar Whiz Lights is a stand-out in the Australian market for skylight alternatives.


Solar Whiz Lights is an excellent solar skylight alternative and solar-powered lighting system that is easy to install (easily do it yourself!). Our lights are expertly designed to mimic natural lighting, to provide you with the feeling of daylight throughout your home, without exposing yourself to the risks and costs of a conventional tubular skylight.


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