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Solar LED & Skylights – Accessories

Solar Light Whiz solar LED skylight alternatives offer an extensive range of accessories aimed at enabling you to tailor your LED solar lights installation to maximise the benefit of your investment in solar lights .

Want to run your shaftless skylight alternative at night?20140514_151255

No problem—Solar Light Whiz offers a night pack as  a part of  our accessories, which enables you to take advantage of already having installed solar LED lights —so that you also can use them as LED interior lights and ceiling lighting.

The night pack plugs into a 240 volt power point and transforms the power from 240 volt AC to 24 volt DC, which means that if you already have the power point – you don’t need an electrician to install your solar-powered skylight alternative or other solar LED—even if you want them to work at night!

Want to be able to dim your LED solar lights?

Easy, get one of our dimmers—and you will not only be able to dim your solar led lights—you can also turn them off completely. Very handy if they are installed in media rooms or bedrooms or if you go away for an extended period of time.

IMG_6456Want to run multiple solar LED lights from one Solar Panel?

You are in luck! In the range of Solar Light Whiz USPS accessories, we offer a range of splitters and extension leads, which allow you to connect all your solar LED lights to one panel—even if they are not close to each other.

Reducing the number of solar panels on the roof to one makes the installation of your solar LED lighting both faster, easier and cheaper.

Want to have complete control of when the Solar Light Whiz USPS runs on mains electricity? Custom light switches that have a separate button to turn the solar power on/off, and one to turn on/off mains power. Choose exactly when the mains power is needed!

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