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Benefits of Solar Light Whiz VS Traditional Skylights

Solar skylight alternatives have come on the market as a great alternative to traditional skylights.

Our Solar Light Whiz Uninterrupted Solar Powered Skylights Alternatives (USPS) are special LED lights that are directly powered by a special series of solar panels.

Unlike traditional tube skylights, our skylight alternatives have no big, reflective tubes involved and no large holes that need to be made in your roof space or ceiling to fit them! Because there’s no tubes in Solar Light Whiz installations, there’s also no need for special ‘angle adapters’ or ‘extension tubing’ that may be needed for tubular skylights.

The benefits of the hybrid solar lighting devices are as follows:

Solar Light Whiz Sizes Available

The USPS sizes which are available include:

  • 120mm dia. Round
  • 150mm dia. Round
  • 170mm dia. Round
  • 225mm dia. Round
  • 300mm dia. Round
  • 295mm sq.
  • 595mm sq.
  • 295mm x 595mm.
  • 295mm x 1195mm.
  • 595mm x 1195mm.

These skylight alternatives are only 10mm deep so that the bottom cord of trusses ceiling battens etc. do not interfere with the positioning of the LED light. They also can be used in suspended ceilings.

Solar Light Whiz Positions

The benefits of solar skylight alternatives include the fact that our ceiling units can go almost anywhere, under hips, valleys, ridges, solar systems, hot water units, water pipes, electrical wiring, air conditioning plant and ducting equipment in ceilings and on the roof, T.V. antennas and satellite dishes. There is also no danger of the skylight leaking! It doesn’t matter what type of roof you have—Trimdeck, Kliplock, Tile, Slate etc.

The ceiling units can be installed in lower floors (any number), as long as they can be reached with a pair of electrical type cables. Once again floor joists and ceiling battens are not a problem.

Solar Panels

The Solar Light Whiz Special Solar Panels are available in the following sizes :

  • 25 watt
  • 50 watt
  • 60 watt
  • 75 watt
  • 100 watt
  • 150 watt

It is important they face as close to True North as possible. These Special Panels come in a frame that allows you to angle the panel correctly to the North (53 degrees Melbourne, 27 degrees Brisbane). These panels can be mounted on any part of most roofs and operate successfully.

Solar Light Whiz Controls

More benefits of Solar Light Whiz is that they can be dimmed or turned off! Something that is difficult to do on a normal skylight. This control is useful for bedrooms and media rooms etc. and is very inexpensive to install.

Solar Skylight Alternatives – Night Control

20150415_084945Solar Light Whiz Uninterrupted Solar Powered Skylight Alternatives can be connected to your power for night operation. As your Solar Light Whiz skylight alternative begin to fade in the late afternoon, you will be able to turn them back on by the simple turning on a switch that has been installed by a licenced electrician.

The Solar Light Whiz units will reconnect to the special Solar Panels when the units are turned off at the switch. This will return the system back to normal operation.

Weather Protection vs. Traditional Skylights

With a normal skylight you will have a hole in your roof, the size will vary depending on the size of the skylight, increasing the risk of a leak. With Solar Light Whiz (up to 12 units connected to the one Solar Panel) the hole in the roof is the size of your little finger thus minimising any risk of leakage.

If the hail did break the tempered glass solar panel, there will be a minimal to no risk of water penetration. The wire coming through the roof is sealed with a special miniature boot to suit your roof.

Solar Light

Our Solar Light Whiz USPS ceiling panels produce between 750 lumens (SLW1120) and 2300 lumens (SLW1300) for the Round Units and 1700 lumens (SLW22952-95N) to 6800 lumens (SLW25951-195N) for the square and rectangular units, all free light from the sun. The colour temperature is 4000-4500 K (natural or cool white), not the bluey white light, 6000 K (daylight).

The Solar Light Whiz is not the same as a normal skylight, but it can give the same amount of light! This is why hybrid solar lighting devices have become one of the ‘Top 5 Sustainable Building Trends of 2015.’

The biggest benefits of skylight alternatives however is there is no radiant heat from our Solar Light Whiz ceiling panels compared to a normal skylight.

Life of Solar Light Whiz

The Solar Light Whiz Solar Panels are guaranteed for 10 years and the LED ceiling panels carry a 4 year guarantee. We are expecting a much longer life. For instance one of our 35 watt Solar Panels should be able to power a SLW1300N for 30 years before the solar panel needs replacing, allowing for normal deterioration. Additionally, if you fill out the Warranty Form and send us pictures of your Solar Light Whiz installation once it’s completed, you will receive an additional 6 months to your warranty.

Although the ceiling units have a 4 year guarantee we are expecting 15 years of good use and they are inexpensive to replace and anybody can change them (no electrician required)

Solar Sky Light Kits

Kits are available for single or multiple Solar powered skylight alternatives. The more lights, the cheaper it gets. In fact it’s “Cheaper By The Dozen”!

Summing up150W PV Panel

  • No heat
  • No hail worries
  • No tube or light shaft to install
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to position
  • Easy to wire with our wiring harness system
  • Easy to face the solar panel North
  • Plenty of light
  • Plenty of assistance from your Solar Light Whiz Dealer
  • Plenty of cash savings if you buy more than one!

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