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Illuminate Your Bathroom & Toilet with Solar Bathroom Lighting.

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All of us love to have a beautifully bright and well illuminated bathroom lighting. The bathroom usually requires quite a high level of ceiling lighting (lumens), similar to your kitchen. This not only gives us a feeling of cleanliness, but also provides an environment where it is easy to see while we complete life’s daily grooming tasks like shaving, make up application, simply just freshening up or getting ready for a night on the town.

Solar Light Whiz uninterrupted LED solar lights produce a colour temperature of 4000-4500K (a natural daylight colour temperature) so they represent a remarkable similarity with the natural light provided by the sun. So when you’re checking yourself out in the mirror under Solar Light Whiz solar bathroom lighting, you can be confident that it will resemble how you look to others when you head out. Most of our home lighting competitors such as Solaro and Illume have a colour temperature which appears more of a blue colour (generally a higher Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)); and you can look quite different under this colour light. Colour is very important when choosing ceiling lights; if you don’t consider this you might appear to be 100 years old when you are only 99!

The Solar Light Whiz skylight alternative is designed to be activated by the energy provided by the sun, and as such, will illuminate the room at times when it would be naturally lit by windows or traditional tube skylights.

The major benefit of this feature is that during the day you won’t have the hassle of having to flick on a switch to turn on your light; and more importantly; you won’t have to remember to turn off your LED lighting when you leave the home! I’m sure we have all ventured out of the house unwittingly leaving many lights on throughout the home, potentially costing you lots of money when it comes time to pay the electricity bills. As the sun goes down in the afternoon/evening, your solar skylight alternative will gradually dim in intensity mimicking the natural light provided by the sun.

Solar LED can also helps you maintain a cleaner bathroom, as you will see dirt you didn’t see in the past before your LED lighting systems were installed.

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