Solar Lighting with Solar Lights

Solar Light Whiz’s range of Solar Skylights and other solar lights gives you lots of options when looking for solar lighting for your home or workplace.

Solar skylights is the ideal way to install solar lighting for lighting up dark area within your home or work place during the day.

Solar Lights

Solar lights are also a great and cost effective alternative to traditional skylights, especially in hard to reach places – or in internal areas where one single skylight wouldn’t be ideal for lighting the whole area up evenly – e.g. corridors, hallways, lower part of stair wells, walk-n robes etc.

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Solar Light Whiz gives you the opportunity to hook multiple solar lights up to one single solar panel (normally) placed on the roof. You can even get a dimmer for the solar lights – allowing you to dim or turn of your solar lighting. this could be very handy if you have solar lights installed in media rooms or bedrooms. You may also want to turn the solar lighting off, if you are going away for an extended period of time.

Turning your solar lights off when you go away on holidays etc. will add additional life to the already very long life expectancy for your solar lights (estimated at 50,000 hours of operation for solar light panels/Solar skylights.

Solar Lighting

Did you know that the Solar Light Whiz products may be used as solar lights during the day – and with our night pack option also can be turned into led interior lights.

The Solar light Whiz accessories for solar skylights and solar lights include Night Packs, dimmers and an extensive range of wiring, including different kinds of splutters for use when connecting multiple solar lights to a single solar panel and various lengths of extension leads for connecting to solar panels and solar led lights.

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